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Native New Yorker:
Director’s Statement

Steven Garfinkel (film stock angel and expert on these old cameras) of Kodak NYC, was kind enough to donate 10 thousand feet of film, which I began shooting in 1999.

The hard costs and emotional costs of this film are very difficult to calculate... most of the financial expenses were in post, but to be quite honest, Marv Soloway (another film angel, now retired), and Joe Monge, both at Duarte at the time, threw me several bones.

I had a lot of angels, including Jack Hazzard (an Austinite/New Yorker, like myself) who did an initial edit on his dime, back in 2001, when I was detained working at 'ground zero'...and financially spent! It is so hard to put a price on something, especially now with Bill Susman’s hauntingly beautiful music.

This film took several years to make and was produced for pennies on the dollar and a prayer; with a lot of help from those loving caring New Yorkers that you hear nothing about in the movies. The financial cost was minimal, but the human costs were insurmountable.

This film is dedicated to all native New Yorkers!

-- Steve Bilich
Director, writer, editor, cinematographer and producer