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Native New Yorker: Synopsis

This silent documentary with an original score was filmed through the eye of a 1924 hand-crank spring-wound Cine-Kodak camera. This film features Terry 'Coyote' Murphy representing the Native American influence of the isle of Manhattan.  

Coyote, a Shaman Trail Scout, takes a journey which transcends time, weaving from Inwood Park (where the island was traded for beads & booze), down a long native path (now called 'the great white way', more commonly known as 'Broadway'), to the lower reaches of Manhattan into 'ground zero' (which is now a sacred burial ground for not just the American Indian & the slaves of yesteryear, but for the newest natives of this island empire as well). 

"Native New Yorker" - shot before, during and after 9/11 - took several years of filming, with a present running time of 13 minutes this is a film by Steve Bilich with an original score composed by William Susman.